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About Master Loong

I ChingMaster Loong began to learn I Ching divination from his teacher from the age of 13 and spent a lot of time and money collecting works by the great astrologers in ancient China. These works were scattered in royal classics or private collections. These masters were regarded as deities in ancient China and are the same even in current China. Master Loong carefully studied the books of the masters and obtained valuable experience. He has been predicting for others for nearly 20 years, with 90%+ hits, and accumulated considerable experience. He precisely predicted the fortunes, careers, loves, diseases, accidental injuries and so on for many people and helped them change their destinies. Meanwhile, Master Loong is hired as a consultant by some enterprises for business consultation and helps them precisely grasp the trends of the market, predict the moves of their competitors and prevent potential cheating by their partners.

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I Ching Divination

60 day money back guaranteeTo help more people understand I Ching divination and change their fates, Master Loong offers the following special services and promises that if you are not satisfied with the accuracy of the prediction. You can call for a refund within 60 days as of the payment date. Because Master Loong will interprete all the divinations for you in person, the prices for the following items can be raised, and the items themsevles can be halt at any time. If there are different prices, those on the Web site will prevail. Discount is available if you pay for at least 3 months at a time.


Personal Account (1-2 questions each month; divination only on your own affairs; the amount for business-related consultations should not exceed $10,000)

Billing cycle: 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
Price (per month): $15/Month $10/Month $8/Month $7/Month

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Business Account (1-3 questions each month; your questions will take priority; divinations for yourself, your relatives, friends or subordinates, etc ; no limit on the amount for business-related consultations)

Billing cycle: 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
Price (per month): $45/Month $30/Month $24/Month $21/Month

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For what could Master Loong divine? When you meet a tempting woman or man, when you talk about a business deal, when you want to change a job, when you are about to launch a business with risks and opportunities, when your marriage runs into crisis, when you want to find something lost, when you worry about being cheated by a friend...in fact, you can go for divination for anything confusing in your life.


Prediction on the software infringement suit against a NASDAQ listed company

Master Loong! You were really accurate last time! Just as you said, they contacted me in private and later we settled the dispute out of court. You said they would pay $xx,xxx compensation. Actually they paid $xx,xxx. Yes, the amount I received hasn't been up to that in my appeal. Do not mention the amount to others, OK? I signed a confidentiality agreement at reconciliation. It was very troublesome at first, but it really came to a dramatic turn in the autumn and they agreed to reconcile.

Love result prediction

Hi! I don't know how to describe my current mood. I have broken up with my boyfriend. Everything is over! Last year when I came to you for a divination, you said the man does not have his heart in the right place and our love would be sweet first but bitter later, and at last we would break up. At that time, we just know each other. The "sweetness" came right after that - we fell in love. He was very excellent, very handsome and had his own company. During that time, his was good tempered and very caring to me. Later, however, I gradually discovered that he was actually very stubborn and suspicious. We began to quarrel frequently. But even more intolerable was he actually had a girlfriend. He was cheating on me all the time...

Forecasting investment cooperation

Master: You're fucking accurate! I screwed up on that project. The investor I found was very interested in it, but based on your divination, you said there would be a wide opposition and we could not make it. You advised me not to do it. I thought this prediction must have been wrong. My opinion was the project should be promising and the several partners I found promised to work with me. However, a major partner, on whom the project would mainly rely, euphemistically said in June that his wife would not like to see him quit a stable job and start the venture with me. Other partners also felt that the project was not promising. Eventually the project was screwed up after that much time and money wasted. Had I known this, I would have believed in your prediction and will not suffer such losses.

Prediction on affairs related to studying in the United States

I sought a divination from Master Loong at the end of last November to see whether I will have a good luck or a bad one for my planned study in the United States. He said I could go and there would be a clear message that month if everything was smooth. From the hexagram, I could leave at the latest before the next May. I was very surprised when I heard that because actually the plan had long been decided with the school, and I did nothing in November. They said they would send me the I-20 by express mail, but I haven't received it until December. I thought with the "clear" mentioned by Master Loong, the form should have been available in November. Later I thought of checking my mail box. Bingo! It's there! The school sent a surface mail, not an express mail, and it arrived at my mail box at the end of November. I was sort of surprised a few days ago because Master Loong said we could go at the latest in May, but it's estimated based on the visa we would go in July, because some rule says students can enter the U.S. at most 30 days ahead. The school starts on August 15, so our plan was to leave for the U.S. on July 15. But now the rent of our house would be due on May 10. We asked for a 2-month extension, but the landlord said he would raise the rent. I said "so do it". Then he said the rent would double! I said "fuck you"! So we decided to leave at the beginning of May. I still need to apply for a B1/B2 tourist visa. It's said it's very easy to apply after I receive M1.

Looking for pet turtle

Master! My pet, that lovely little turtle was finally found. That day I took him out of the aquarium and let him crawl on the ground. Later, I fell asleep watching TV. He's gone when I woke up. I looked everywhere in the room but haven't found him. You predicted he is still in the room, hiding in woman's stuff. Jesus! I searched throughout the room then but…no result. I thought a turtle could live without any food or water for a very long time, so if he is really in the room as you divined, I do not need to hurry. The result is, today, after two weeks, my wife found he has crept to her shoe and hid there: D